Market receives state money to build restroom | Local News

Desy Papper

The Hardin County Farmer’s Market has received grant funds from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board that will be used to expand the facility in Elizabethtown.

The Hardin County Regional Farmers’ Market Foundation Inc. was approved for $32,400 from the state and $1,000 from Hardin County.

The foundation is using that money to add restroom facilities to the market pavilion.

“We’ve been wanting to do that from the moment we built the market pavilion but didn’t have funds at the time,” Larry Thomas said.

Thomas is a market board member, a vendor and serves as the Hardin County Regional Farmers’ Market

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Intel (INTC) earnings Q4 2020

Desy Papper

Bob Swan, then-interim chief executive officer and chief financial officer of Intel Corp., reacts during the inauguration of the company’s research and development facility in Bengaluru, India, on November 15, 2018.

Samyukta Lakshmi | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s incoming CEO, said on Thursday that the company’s troubled 7-nanometer chip manufacturing technique is on track to be used to make chips sold in 2023.

However, he warned that Intel will still likely outsource an increasing amount of chip manufacturing to external foundries.

The remarks came in an earnings call with analysts covering the quarter ending last December. It’s

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The Most Overlooked and Overhyped Retail Trends of 2020

Desy Papper

2020’s dominant retail trends were probably not the ones retailers forecast. But they were the ones we got.

So let’s look back at ’em. In an October 2020 survey, 336 retail professionals from our audience voted on a set of 15 retail trends: first, to ID the three most overlooked trends, then the three most overhyped.

  • Overlooked = Like Juicy Couture tracksuits, these trends changed the zeitgeist but didn’t get the immediate recognition they deserved.
  • Overhyped = These trends grew faster than Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok following, but retailers didn’t think they earned the attention they merited.

Why this approach? Any

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JCSO concludes crystal meth trafficking investigation, locates supplier

Desy Papper

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) – Thursday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says it concluded a short-term investigation into the trafficking of crystal methamphetamine in Jackson County and surrounding Florida and Georgia counties.

The investigation was initiated as a result of a Auxiliary Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s observations.

The Reserve Deputy was able to assist Investigators in establishing significant probable cause to pursue the investigation.

The JCSO Narcotics Division was able to identify a distributor who was delivering quantities of crystal methamphetamine to the area from central Florida.

According to JCSO, the investigation revealed that the methamphetamine was ultimately being supplied from

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Can universities manufacture a post-industrial future for the Midwest?

Desy Papper

More than a decade ago, the former Chicago Tribune journalist Richard Longworth was travelling through the US Midwest for a book about the impact of globalisation on its economy when he reached Dayton, Ohio.

In Dayton, a city reeling from the collapse of the US auto industry, Longworth was startled to hear a union official tell him that Lyndon LaRouche, “the conspiracy theorist and perennial presidential candidate”, was gaining support among disaffected workers.

Longworth’s book, Caught in the Middle: America’s Heartland in the Age of Globalism, was published in 2008, the year Barack Obama was first elected – a

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